Risk Assessment

Jennifer Holt uses risk assessment tools to aid in predicting sexual and violent recidivism among adult, juvenile, and intellectually challenged male sex offenders. Jennifer has been qualified as an Expert Witness in risk assessment of, and treatment for, sexual offenders.

The results from a detailed risk assessment provide:

  • professional organizations and criminal defence lawyers with important information that will help them accurately structure their judgment of the individual.
  • the information necessary for arranging appropriate supervision and counselling intervention for each client.

Ultimately, through accurate assessment and counselling, Jennifer strives to accurately target the criminogenic needs of each client she serves. This may lower their risk to reoffend and increase public safety.

Risk Assessment Tools

Adult male sex offenders
A detailed risk assessment for adult male sex offenders is achieved by using tools such as STATIC-99, STABLE 2007, ACUTE 2007, Risk of Sexual Abuse of Children (ROSAC), and Child Pornography Offender Risk Tool (CPORT).

Female sex offenders
ISORA8 is used to assess the risk of recidivism of female sex offenders.

Juvenile male sex offenders
For detailed risk assessment of juvenile male sex offenders Jennifer utilizes PROFESOR.

Intellectually challenged and acquired brain injury male sex offenders
The ARMIDLO is a risk assessment tool used for developmentally delayed, intellectually challenged, and acquired brain injury adult male sex offenders.

Anger Management in adult males
Jennifer conducts a detailed assessment utilizing the Anger Disorders Scale (ADS) and the Spousal Assault Risk Assessment (SARA) for adult males who suffer from anger management issues.

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